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Our Story

Bryant Industries Corp. was founded in 1949 by Paul MIller. During the 1950's, Bryant entered the fabric arena as the first company to print polyester for shower curtains.

As the business grew, the company diversified it's fabric markets to include other categories of decorative home furnishings. David Miller, owner of Bryant Industries Corp., took over the family business and continues his father's legacy today.


David grew up near the Long Island Sound. His love of the outdoors and Bryant's resources for printed fabrics was a natural evolution to shift the companies focus to the outdoor fabric industry.  This remains the primary focus of Bryant's design and marketing efforts today for both the mass and specialty segments of the textile industry.


Creativity and innovation are at the heart of Bryant's business strategy. Our New York based design team provides creative support in developing trend driven customized collections in response to individual customer needs.


As a leader in design and execution, the Bryant team works hard to provide support for it's customers.  

Bryant's designers use CAD along with high-end printers to color and print samples efficiently and quickly.


Bryant continues to partner closely with various domestic and overseas mills to explore quality driven textiles and innovative techniques for printing and weaving fabrics and jacquards.


David and his production and converting staff work closely with their vast supply chain to ensure a professional and personalized customer service experience.


With continued efforts focusing on seamless development of original prints and quality woven products along with superior customer service, Bryant helps customers achieve their design goals.

We look forward to working with you.

                                            ~ David Miller

                                               Owner - Bryant Industries Corp.

David is personally involved in all of our projects sharing his passion for textiles with our design team.

We custom color all our designs to fit our customers requirements each season.

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Bryant Industries Corp.

276 5th Avenue Suite 602

New York, NY 10001

(212) 689-6655

We develop a new collection of exciting wovens and prints each season.

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